From all of us, to all of you..🎄

To put it mildly, one could say that we have been through a lot the last 22 months. Collectively, we have survived a pandemic, navigated variances and adapted our living habits. With nowhere to hide, we have supported each other, faced ourselves, and carried the weight of both.   We have struggled, gained ground, lost it, only to get it back again.

It’s been a year!

From all of us to all of you in this place we are lucky enough to call home, we salute you!!

Wishing you the very best of the holiday season and an even better New Year to come — the Ms. Adventures of Wandering Wakefield.

Twenty Two Babies – from Hilary

Greetings to all blog readers from a windy, icy place in the hills where who knows what the weather will do next. Id like to introduce you to one of our hens. She ran way from home a few weeks ago and we were sure she was a holiday special dinner for a racoon, a fox or for one of the coyotes we hear calling to the moon. Then like a  Christmas miracle we found her hiding under our house sitting on  a nest of 22 eggs!  We rescued her from predators and freezing nights by putting her and her precious cargo  in our basement….

And now the eggs are beginning to hatch….and we have 13 baby chicks so far, chirping and dancing in time to festive music in our basement. Not quite sure what we will do with them when they grow, as our hen house is already more or less full up !

Wishing you all a merry festive season!

The solstice is nigh and the days are dark, literally and figuratively. Nevertheless, there is magic in the sky and in our majestic landscapes, which provides both inspiration and comfort.  And just as the river flows through our village, ideas and creativity, in their multiple forms, flow and flourish.

Thanks to our guest bloggers for their various contributions and to you our readers for wandering with us Ms Adventures as we travel o’er hills and dales sharing stories of past and present adventures and memories.  

We have loved hearing your own tales, and messages sent in response to our posts. As we gather with loved ones, in-person or on the screen this festive time, we’ll all be sharing the stories of our lives. Let’s reminisce, dream a little of the coming year, and celebrate the magic of being together, and the wonderful place we call home.

With love and peace to all our readers — Gillie

For the majesty of our hills, the wonder of our village, the beauty of the seasons , the gift of friendship and the miracle of birth, we are truly grateful. Good health to you all this holiday season and always.

Jennifer Currie