Raison d'être

Wandering Wakefield – In, around and beyond.

Community is a word we all know and appreciate.  Here in Wakefield it describes an experience so common, so natural, so prevalent that there is no real need to explain it.  Simply said, community is about people, a sense of belonging and a collective experience through shared activities, stories, places and needs. 

Welcome to our Wakefield community blog! 

Developed by five friends huddled around a café table, our goal is to recognize more completely what lies right outside of our door.  In spite of the challenges we often face in this complex world, we feel fortunate to live in this rather magical place and want to celebrate it.  Full of remarkable people, places, passions and pleasures our aim is to post the kind of village stories you would share with your neighbour around the kitchen table on a sleepy weekend morning.  

You may read a little missive of what brought your neighbour to the Hills, the retelling of their latest project or learn about their ongoing talent which may just inspire you.  While browsing the blog, you might discover a new walking trail to explore or even rediscover an old favourite through the eyes of someone else. Perhaps you will simply enjoy exploring other parts of the world through the lens and travels of a local?  There is much to talk about.   

With that, we invite you to get cozy and settle in for a wee read.  We hope you are inspired to share your own wanderings and ‘wonderings’ in, around and beyond Wakefield with us.  Story suggestions or contributions are not only welcomed but requested! Please see our contact us page for the ‘how to’ and further details.

Last but not least, if you want to know more about us, the co-conspirators of this humble project, we invite you to visit our ‘who are we?’ page.  

Check out our community calendar accessed from the front page and have us add your event to it.