A walk in the Parc

Lac Philip

Just down the road from Wakefield lies the beautiful Lac Philippe. If you Google Lac Philip, this is what you find: ‘Lac Philippe is a medium-sized lake located on the north side of Gatineau Park. The lake is one of a chain of freshwater lakes found within the Gatineau park that drain into the Gatineau River through Meech Creek. It is one of the largest bodies of water in the northernmost stretches of the park. ‘

If however, you choose to get out and go for a walk near or around the lake you will find much more..

Morning…a brand new day
The trail will take you where you need to go…let your feet follow.

Around two hundred black bears live in the Parc. This one hangs his hat near Lac Philippe
Renowned for its colour in Fall, Gatineau Parc does not disappoint.

Everybody needs community.
First frost.

Autour du Lac. It’s worth it.

Let’s go again…