Flattening the Curve in Canada – one gals opinion.

It is good to be home from Spain.  Home, where we will beat this thing, I believe we have many attributes as a nation in our favour.

Geography, our vast landmass and population per square inch helps us with natural social distancing.

Our universal health care system helps keep us healthy and our immune systems are stronger than countries that do not have access to health care. Canadians smoke less than Europeans per capita, our lungs are in better shape. 

We believe in order and good government and are largely an obedient populace, not quite as skeptical or rebellious as our southern neighbours. We value life and freedom and it seems, in that order.  “Live free or die” is emblazoned on the New Hampshire license plates.  This adamant first amendment adherence may prove fatal.

Thankfully our PM was on this right away, his wife tested positive, and, his natural inclination towards drama put him on high alert right away addressing the country.   I am not a Trudeau fan, but I am very happy with the way this was quickly dealt with.

Viruses are smart but Canadians are smarter.

Yesterday, USA celebrity doctor- Dr. Oz interviewed Wendy Williams (a singer/ talk show host) about COVID 19.  She did not know the difference between a bacteria and a virus.  The interview took place in the studio 1.5 feet apart from each other.   

Today, Bob Macdonald science journalist interviewed Dr. Moriarty, and Dr. Nemur  (Canada’s Chief Science Advisor)  about COVID 19.  The interviews were live, and virtual.  Both women are in process of mobilizing all our top scientists to advise our government and the rest of the world.  There is an amazing team of Canadian docs and researchers on top of this. 

Our nurses along with Australia are the best trained in the world.

Recently, the Canadian sense of humour has been rearing its hilarious head on social media. We can laugh during this time, what a great gift this is. What an odd time it is , when liquor stores are deemed essential and schools are not. So many funny posts.

Certainly, there are more reasons Canada will beat this.  Breathe, take one day at a time, and don’t project anything on to the future unless it is optimism and gratitude.

We are now at home in the Hills counting our blessings after one week of a scrambled, panicked, and frankly a terrifying police state, near the end of our amazing journey in Spain.

Mostly menos contenta, yet, with my feet firmly planted in Canadian slush.

Jennifer Currie