Life on the Covid edge.

“The schools are closed. Don’t go to work. The hospitals can’t cope…” said no one. Ever. And then they did.

As we keep hearing, seeing, feeling, and now believe we are indeed living in unprecedented times. Each and every one of us is experiencing our daily life differently. Our purpose on this blog has always been to focus on the positive experiences of living in and around Wakefield, however we also want to be real.   There are many in our community struggling with the impact of this virus, not just on their physical health, but also on their economic and psychological well-being.  

Sharing our collective experience can help and it can also add a little levity.

Questions such as ‘what are you fighting about?’ beg to be answered. Al recently read an article articulating some of these. ‘My husband has taken to wearing his socks to bed,’ said one woman, ‘pumpkin soup,’ said another and finally, one fella was accused of pulling his pants up too high. Apparently forced confinement is a great revealer.

‘How are you passing the time?’ is another question with many ingenious and possible answers. It is remarkable how creative we can get when we spend time together.

Join us. Our gmail address, is alive and well and ready to receive your Covid stories, anecdotes, thoughts, photos or feelings. Visit our contact us page, send them along and we will post them. We hope that by sharing our thoughts and feelings we can hold each other close if at a distance and walk through this ‘thing’ in solidarity. 

Yours in community – the Wandering Wakefield Bloggers