It’s a blog’s life..

No one would argue it’s been one wild and crazy year. It’s hard to capture just how challenging, ‘unprecedented’ ‘abnormal’ and a whole lot of other descriptors best left unsaid.

Given the complications we have all had to navigate this past year, it feels like ages ago that we, the curators of Wandering Wakefield, gathered around a table in Molos to hash out the details of what ‘it’ would look like. What kind of stories we would feature, who would write what and when? But somehow, here we are, at least 65 weeks and an equal number of eclectic posts later and we are still here scribbling up stories from near and far.

Who will soon forget Gillie’s last post on the power of colour and the mysterious red cushion that magically appeared early summer mornings on a bench by the river? Or the one a few weeks before that when Hilary described her dramatic encounter with Scottish mud? Then there was Yolande’s beautiful recollections of family travels in Afghanistan and Jen’s love affair with beeswax. And how can we not mention all those recent seasonal stories from  guest bloggers that magically appeared at just the right time, lifting our hearts and spirits. And ekphrasis…well, who knew that?

Each week the blog brings to life different reflections and memories, perspectives and a variety of observations and passions, from village contributors. Such richness!

People enjoy reading blogs for many reasons, mostly because people are interested in people. And when those people are your acquaintances, neighbours or even friends you have yet to meet, all the better.

Published weekly on Sunday mornings Wandering Wakefield is a nice little escape best served with a hot cuppa.

Whether written by the principal contributors or guest bloggers from somewhere in the hills, the stories are real, connectable and may even inspire you.

We, the bloggers, are so grateful for our community, grateful for its beauty, for its people, for the creativity and for the genuine care and concern shown for one another. Our neck of the woods is indeed a special place and capturing it in words and images is a distinct pleasure.

As Wandering Wakefield moves into the New Year, we experience some change. We wave good-bye to Laurie as a regular blogger though are happy to know that she will join us as a guest when she is able.  At the same time we welcome Hilary and her pen and her captivating stories with open arms.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to really sink into the existing posts or to share a story, thought, memory or even image or two with us at Wandering Wakefield, why not take some time over the coming months and do so? We would dearly love to hear from you and to share your voice on the village blog.

With warmth, light and best wishes for the year to come…the Ms. Adventures of Wandering Wakefield