The Space Between Us

By Gillian Kirkland

The space between is wide and deep

I can only guess at the secrets you keep

When I think of you, the picture that emerges is not one but two

Which one of you is true I haven’t figured out

But that’s not what this is about

It’s a love song that just won’t come out

And I’ve been flipping between two versions of you

Like twin faces of the moon
The space between us is wide and deep

A canyon profound

Broken and bound

I wonder why you don’t come around

And yet I want to believe that we can be whole again

Like perfect babies unblemished by pain

I want to be cradled and consoled

To wrap myself in your warmth

To hold your darkness and light in the palm of my hand

As the universe unfolds its mysteries
The space between us is wide and deep

But that doesn’t mean we must crumble in defeat

Throw me a cable and I’ll toss you a line

I see your light shining from the other side

So I swing across the great divide

And sing you a new song that echoes through time
We give up our doubts to make way for faith

We give up our shame to make way for forgiveness

We give up our judgement to make way for compassion

We give up our fears to make way for love
Then alone on the bluff, naked and unmasked

The space between us narrows at last