Postcards – a Canadian encounter

By a guest blogger

Dear friends,

Today we went out to the centre of the lake to do a bit of fishing. Ol’ Tommy (I think you know him as Thomson) loves being on the water and is a great fisherman. He loves doing that nearly as much as he loves painting!

I hope I am not giving away any secrets but hear that he is en route to Wakefield with a few of his friends. He expects to be here sometime in September.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know him and the rest of the group better. I am sure you will enjoy meeting them too.

Wish you were here…

Dear Wakefield friends,

How lovely it is to be in the deep woods of Canada, falling in love all over again with the natural beauty of this country.

Today, four of Tom’s friends arrived up from Toronto, all of them dressed in their city finest and looking quite out of place here in the wilderness.  They are by name – Frank Johnson, James MacDonald, Lawren Harris and Franklin Carmichael.  They are all artists.

Tommy took them out this morning to scout painting locations.  They have already decided to call their little art collective the Gang of Four which I think is hilarious.  Evidently though, three others intend to join them later in the week, so I suggested Group of Seven as a name. I think it sounds much more dignified than Gang of Four, don’t you?

Actually, Tommy told me he is not going to join their little group, preferring to remain apart, ever the individual that one.

Having great fun and wish very much that you were here…

PS.. I hear that Emily plans to join us soon…cant wait to meet her and her pet monkey Woo.

Pps..please note that all images within this post are under copy right🍁