Splendiferous Sky

Annick Landry

The winner of the Wandering Wakefield sky photo competition is Annick Landry.  Bravo Annick!

Dave Irvine Photographer

Annick was born and raised in Buckingham and her mother tongue is French.  Annick discovered photography when she was completing her studies in Montreal; a bachelor’s degree in communications followed by a master’s degree in science administration/marketing.  Work brought her back to the Outaouais in 2000 and Farrellton captured her heart and soul. She loves being surrounded by nature, and water is her element!

Her dramatic winning photo was taken on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at Blue Sea Lake in Messines.  Annick had just begun what was supposed to be a two week holiday.  On her very first evening at the lake, the water appeared tremendously agitated and dark.  It looked like there was a storm in the distance.  As she is an avid swimmer Annick decided to go for a dip under what she described as a dancing sky. As she remembers it, she got out of the water in a flash to capture, “what I couldn’t imagine appearing in front of me. Such dramatic beauty.”  Little did she know in that moment that her holiday would sadly be cut short as her father, whom she had been looking after for several years, would pass away in her arms 5 days later in Masham. 

Annick hopes to pursue her interest in photography when she retires from Hydro Quebec where she has been working for close to 25 years (Montreal, Gaspe, Îles de la Madeleine, Gatineau) in marketing, public relations and project management.

When asked what inspires her, Annick replied, “IntrospectionWater is my element. Movement – swimming, yoga, bicycling, walking/trekking and snowboarding.  Food, cooking and baking. My life partner Philippe. Lily, my Parson Russell Terrier. Horses. Writing. Arts. My motto is « V for Variety ». And laughter. Love in a broad sense.

Below are all the wonderful submissions we received, a true feast for the eyes. Enjoy scrolling through these truly splendid and awe-inspiring photos of sky.  Heartfelt thanks to all for sharing these amazing images.

Carole Perras
Sky Lac Notre-Dame
Derek Vanderwerf
This was one of our first sunsets in our new home.
Francis Graff
Taken at Lac a L’isle on August 1st 2020
Jennifer Grant
Most people around here will remember the Chrisalis II, the local paddlewheeler proudly sailing the Gatineau for many years. There was an amazing double rainbow one day during a fun trip and I was lucky to catch it off the stern.
Katherine Huff
Captured this at the sandbar in Farm Point on July 20, 2020.
Leslie Mills
I have had the privilege to live with this spectacular view for the last six years up on my hill in Farrellton. The sky is like a canvas that is continually being repainted as the clouds change from day to day, hour to hour. Sometimes I get caught by a ‘Wow!’ moment and then I want to capture it so I can enjoy it again and again. 
Mike Chapelle
Photo taken from our dock.
Pam Scobie
Taken with my iPhone 5 – no filter!
Ruth Tabanik
A couple of my favourite sky photos from this summer.
Ruth Tabanik 2
Sue Gravel
A view from my house
Laura Lee Peck
Doug McArthur
Doug McArthur